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Heavy duty land levellerHeavy duty land leveller Among farm equipments, land leveler has its own importance for soil leveling. Now days demand for laser guided land leveler is growing, but traditional land leveler is being used widely because of its low pricing, ability to move in corners of small land and can work with low powered tractors, where laser leveler cannot compete with it. The land leveler we produce is rugged and very simple to use with tractor. Attaching and detaching with three point linkage is very convenient. Our leveler is equipped with 10mm thick high carbon steel blade, that make it more sturdy that let it work trouble free and make it able to crave the land flawlessly. Benefits and Features
  • Option of 6feet, 7feet and 8feet available for different capacity of tractors.
  • Raw material is used as per din standards and procured form best sources.
  • Frame and blade is rugged, and able to work in extreme conditions.
  • Low cost of ownership and can be used with small tractors.
  • Works deeper in all corners than advanced laser leveler.
  • Easy to mount on tractor and can be detached when other equipment to be mount. It's not like connecting and disconnecting hydraulic hoses and controller when to attach another implement in case of laser guided leveler. Doing this leads to wastage of oil too.
Technical Specifications :
Thickness of Plates 10 mm
Side Support Vertical : 25 x 10 mm MS Flat
Horizontal: Crescent shape, MS Flat, Max. width 100 mm, Min. width 35 mm
3 Point Linkage 65x16 mm Flat
Central Supports MS Angle 40x5 mm
Blade DIM. 70 x 10 mm (High Carbon steel)
Linkage Pin 28 mm
Frame Draw Bar mounting with the help of MS Flat section 75x20 mm, 520 mm Long
Weight 140 Kg. (approx.) 155 Kg. (approx.) 170 Kg. (approx.)
Span 1850 mm 2150 mm 2460 mm
* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Company owns the right to change model specifications and features.
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