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Tandem Disc HarrowTandem Disc Harrow Here at Windsor we manufacture both mounted and trailed tandem disc harrow. As it is also primary tillage farm equipment, it is produced following same standards, we do for other disc implements. Tandem disc harrow has slightly different application than its siblings. Unlike other harrows, tandem disc harrow works more efficiently in the areas where rocks are the problem, it helps farmer to prevent bringing up the stones. It works better than other farm equipments while removal of previous crop content, it just not only cut, but mixes up with soil. Like other disc harrows, tandem disc harrow prepares seedbed and can be used in both seasons.

Benefits and features:-

  • A rigid and sturdy frame makes it capable of working in extreme conditions
  • It works better and goes deeper upto six inches
  • It is supplied with extra hardened edge discs to perform better in stony areas
  • Option for Number of disc, size and frame available as per tractors capacity
  • It is equipped with one tine that covers the central area left by discs
  • Easy to transport and mount on 3 point linkage. (Trailed type option also available)
  • Boron steel disc blades lasts longer.
  • Heavy weight harrow breaks the clods flawlessly and works deeper
  • Front gang of scallop (notched) discs and rear of plain discs.
Technical Specifications

8 X 8 9 X 9 10 X 10
Gang Bolt Central Square solid Bar With split gangs Central Square solid Bar With split gangs Central Square solid Bar With split gangs
Disc Diameter 560 mm 560 mm 560 mm
Length 1867 mm 1867 mm 1867 mm
Width 1867 mm 2095 mm 2325 mm
Width of Cut 1778 mm 1778 mm 1778 mm
Frame Square pipe box frame Square pipe box frame Square pipe box frame
Weight (Kgs.)(approx.) 565 595 627
Total Height 1080 mm 1080 mm 1080 mm
No. of Disc 16 18 20
Tyne with Spring 1 1 1
Distance Between Disc 228 mm 228 mm 228 mm
Type of Disc Notched (Front/Rear) Notched (Front/Rear) Notched (Front/Rear)
Power Required (HP) 45-50 50-55 55-60
Mast Height 1054 mm 1054 mm 1054 mm
Bearing Hubs 8 8 8

* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Company owns the right to change model specifications and features.

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