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Potato RidgerContinues efforts of our team have managed to deliver more efficient and low cost potato harvester to farmer of south Asian countries. And now these potato harvesters have captured many markets in east European countries. As other farm equipments we are manufacturing multiple versions of potato harvester considering the need and requirement of clients. Farmer with small land can opt for self propelled single row harvester, a farmer with medium range of agricultural land can go with 3-4 row lift tractor pulled potato harvester and farmers doing commercial farming can go with heavy duty six row lifting potato harvester. Not only potato harvester, we have widest range of potato farming equipments like potato ridger, Potato Digger, potato planter etc.

Benefits and Features

  • Multiple Options available to meet farmers need
  • Clear view of Potato extracted by machine
  • Long working hour and easy to maintain
  • Attaching and detaching to tractor is quite easy and doesn't consume time
  • Customized row spacing
Potato Ridger Potato Planter Potato Plant Tour
Potato Ridger Potato Planter Potato Plant Tour
Potato Ridger Is Used For Inter Cultivation And Generally Done At The Base Of The Crop To Provide Extra Support. Potato Planter Has An Automatically Planting Cut System. Potato Plant Tour Is Used For Potato Sowing
Rotary Tiller (Rotavator)
Tiller Cultivator
- Spring Loaded Tiller
- Rigid Tiller
Disc Harrow
- Offset Disc Harrow
- Trailed Offset Disc Harrow (Compact)
- Mounted Offset Disc Harrow
- Tandem Disc Harrow
- Paddy Harrow
Disc Plough
Mould Board Plough
Ridger / Furrowers
- Tyne Ridger
- Disc Ridger Single Row
- Disc Ridger Two Row
Land Levellers
- Heavy Duty Land Leveller
- Laser Land Leveller
- Terracer Blade
Sub Soiler
Post Hole Digger
- Grooming Mower
- Reciprocating Forage Mower
Rotary Slasher
Crop Planting Harvester
Potato Harvester
Spare parts
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