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Rotary TillerRotary Tiller also known as Rotavator in different regions is one of the most efficient farm equipment among cultivation tools. In American and European countries it is being widely used, but in developing countries demand of this kind of agricultural implements are a bit lower. Because of high initial cost, in comparison with other farm implements and higher hp range of tractors required for optimum results. However demand is increased in last decade within many fast developing regions, where people are focused on commercial farming and where international brands of tractors have approached. There are two basic models of Rotary Tiller available in different size and width as per tractor capacity and soil condition, one is chain driven rotary tiller and another is gear driven Rotavator comes with single speed and multi speed gear box. A rugged frame gives it longer life and imported Italian blades performs much better than ordinary blades, these blades are made of boron steel and having better cutting edges that enables them to work efficiently in harsh land condition and put lesser load on tractors.


  • Our Rotavators are able to work upto 8 inches of depth to aerating and loosen soil.
  • Our rotary tillers are designed to work efficiently in both wet and dry land conditions.
  • It can prepare seed beds faster and economically by eliminating multiple farm equipments and their cost.
  • Even being used at lower speed it eliminates multiple farm implements that save fuel and time.
  • Easy to adjust depth
  • Options available for single speed and multi speed gearbox with gear type rotary tiller and chain type tiller
  • L shape blade with excellent cutting edge, that enhance blade's life almost by double
  • Minimum load on rotary tiller and machinery
  • Argon welding of heavy frame ensures longer life and ruggedness of frame.
  • Sealed bearings last longer
  • Induction hardened shafts and alloy steel
  • Suitable for 540 rpm PTO shaft.
Technical Specifications:

WE 150 WE 175 WE 200
Total Wt. 360 Kg. (Approx.) 395 Kg. (Approx.) 435 Kg. (Approx.)
Tillage Width 150 cm 175 cm 200 cm
Overall Width 180 cm 205 cm 230 cm
Tractor Power 40-45 45-55 55-65
Gear Box Single Bolt Single Bolt Single Bolt
Gear Box Overload Protection Shear Bolt Shear Bolt Shear Bolt
P.T.O. Speed (r.p.m) 540 540 540
Rotor Speed 210 210 210
No. of Blades 36 42 48
No. Of Flanges 6 7 8
Mounted Height 117 cm 117 cm 117 cm
Rotary Tiller Blade Italian Blade Mazzini Blade
80 7 11.5 57
80 7 14.5 57
80 7 14.5 46
Material - Boron Tested Steel
Hardness - 45 to 50 HRc
1. 100% Boron tested steel
2. Excellent Cutting Edge
3. Long Working Hours
4. Minimum Load on Rotary Tillers Machines
5. Tough Steel
Rotavator Blades, directly Imported form italy

* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Original Products may look Slightly different.

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