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Medium Duty Post Hole DiggerPost Hole diggers are widely used for plantation of trees and electricity poles. Plantation of multiple types of trees requires digging hole to plant deeper. In modern agriculture practice post hole digger has replaced conventional ways of digging holes with shovels and other tools. Post hole diggers are time saving and keeps pattern similarity. We supply different augers with our post hole diggers for specific requirement of job. Post hole digger we manufacture cab easily be mounted on tractor's three point linkage and can be connected with PTO shaft of both 540rpm and 1000rpm. Among tractor mounting farm equipment, post hole digger is used more as commercial farming tool. Benefits and features
  • Best for Mango, lemon, teak, poplar, coconut plantation and digging holes for poles
  • Transportable and easy to use with tractor's PTO shaft.
  • Fastest way to dig holes in any type of soil.
  • Model available for 18hp to 60hp tractors with 540rpm PTO.
  • Augers diameter may vary form 9" to 36"
  • Heavy duty frame gives longer life and make it sturdy.
  • Hardened tip of auger that is also replaceable when its worn out or damaged.
Technical Specifications
Hitch Category
Gear Box Compatible with 55 HP max., with 3:1 ratio
Input RPM 540
Protection Devices Shear-pin
Fasteners High Tensile
Output Shaft 2" (50 mm)
Auger Length 42''
Auger Sizes 6'', 9'', 12'', 14''
Flighting 9'', 12'' Semi double
Flighting 14 '' Double
Flighting 6'' single
Accessories Storage Stand
Frame Heavy duty tubular
Weight 80 Kg. without cardan shaft
* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Company owns the right to change model specifications and features.
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