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Mounting Disc PloughDisc plough is directly mountable on tractor like many other farm implement that is used for initial cultivation of soil to prepare seedbed for crop. Disc Ploughs are designed to turn over the layer of soil, for soil mixing and for soil breaking. It also brings fresh nutrients to the surface and buries weeds and remains of last crop by turning over of soil. It can work with same efficiency in hard and dry soil conditions also. It is made of heavy duty pipe frame to increase life in bad field conditions. Windsor uses Boron Steel Disc Blades to manufacture disc plough that causes longevity of life of blades and less trouble. Using a heavy duty pipe frame the overall implement is comparatively light weight that leads to more fuel efficiency of tractor and less loads on engine.

Benefits and Features

  • we have designed our disc plough in such a way that works effectively for soil raising, soil turning, soil breaking and soil mixing. It suits to both hard and wet soil conditions.
  • we use Heavy duty pipe frame to strengthen the plough having high clearance that allow plough work uninterruptedly in heavy crop residue areas.
  • Windsor's disc plough is easily mountable to tractor and has options of 2, 3 and four bottoms. It is designed in the way it can be extended with an optional kit to supports extra discs in case of higher HP range of tractor.
  • our disc plough can work effortlessly in rooted and stony areas. Boron discs we use in our ploughs are one on the finest disc for such tasks. Stony fields can be converted info fertile land.
  • we conduct certain test on frames and discs to test ploughs ability to work in hard, stumpy and harsh land conditions.
Technical Specifications

Coulter Disc
500x6 mm,6 mm-adjustable 500x6 mm, 6 mm-adjustable 500x6 mm, 6 mm-adjustable 500x6 mm, 6 mm-adjustable
Disc Spacing 570 mm 570 mm 570 mm 570 mm
Length 1800 mm 2400 mm 3000 mm 3600 mm
Width 820 mm 1040 mm 1260 mm 1480 mm
Weight 295 Kg. (approx) 395 Kg. (approx) 495 Kg. (approx) 610 Kg. (approx)
Frame Extra Heavy Duty Tabular Frame (OD 168 mm. ID 146 mm) Extra Heavy Duty Tabular Frame
(OD 168 mm. ID 146 mm)
Extra Heavy Duty Tabular Frame
(OD 168 mm. ID 146 mm)
Extra Heavy Duty Tabular Frame
(OD 168 mm. ID 146 mm)
Tractor (HP) 45-50 60-65 75-85 100-110
Height 1220 mm 1220 mm 1220 mm 1220 mm
Width of Cut
2 Taper Roller/ Disc
500-550 mm
2 Taper Roller / Disc
875-925 mm
2 Taper Roller/ Disc
1150-1200 mm
2 Taper Roller / Disc
1575-1625 mm
Discs 660x6 mm 660x6 mm 660x6 mm 660x6 mm

* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Company owns the right to change model specifications and features.

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