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SubsoilerSubsoiler is one of the value for money product among farm implements, subsoiler comparatively cost low and its job worth not less than any expensive machine. Basically it's a chisel plow that helps the framer to overcome compaction problem of soil by heavy machine and regular use of land for other purposes. It's a tractor mountable implement that works deeper to break and loosen soil. Its heavy duty and sturdy frame enables it to crack and lift the hard soil and make drainage better for growth of roots, it also fluffs the ground that enables to store more moisture and water for high yield. It helps the farmer to boost his soil's crop yield very economically.

Benefits and Features

  • Light weight model supports Plowing depth upto 550mm
  • Fluffs the soil and enables it to store more water and moisture of rainfall
  • Overcome compaction of soil problem
  • Deeper organic nutrients let crops grow healthy
  • Adjustable arms for different ploughing width
  • Works without hassle in hard soil conditions
  • Low cost implement
  • Options available for single, double and triple tine. (export models have upto 9 tines)
  • Height provides high clearance when working in farm with last crop residues.
  • Unwanted deep Roots of old crops can be broken easily
Technical Specifications:
Length (mm) 510 550 830
Width (mm) 660 1220 1520
Height (mm) 1060-1370 1060-1370 1060-1370
Tyne (mm) 150X25 150X25 150X25
Weight (Kgs.)(approx.) 65 165 250
Power Required(HP) 50-60 60-75 65-80
* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Company owns the right to change model specifications and features.
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