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Laser Guided Land Leveller Laser land leveler is one of the most sophisticated equipment in agriculture industry. it costs more than other farm equipments but it has already proved its worth saving water, time and electricity / fuel. A scientific study confirmed about 30% of water is wasted while irrigation because of uneven land and design, it also causes uneven production of crops and leads to more weeds in the field. Laser land leveler works in multiple units. Laser transmitter is required to transmit the signals with a rotating laser, a laser receiver is mounted on the bucket of machine that receives the signal and an electrical unit mounted on tractor, interprets the signal and let the hydraulic unit to open and close the valves when they are required. This precision equipment let farmer level the land with lesser human efforts, and the result is far better than any conventional method. A leveled land enables water to reach each corner and middle of the field equally, this uniform water supply to land lets the crop grow uniformly. Benefits and features
  • Using laser land leveler, farmer can save upto 30% of water used in irrigation, saving water means saving money (fuel / electricity)
  • More agriculture land will be available if land is leveled properly, less bounds and channels will be required and formerly land used for bound and channels can also be used for agriculture.
  • A land leveled by laser land leveler can decrease the time of irrigation and that time can be utilized for other tasks.
  • Laser guided land leveler increases uniform maturity of crops, their establishment and it also reduces the weed problem.
  • A properly leveled land requires lesser water for land preparation than any conventional method. It also gives moister environment to crops.
  • More smooth and leveled surface reduces the consumption of fuel, fertilizers and chemical.
  • Leveled land Increases field traffic ability for subsequent operations and required lesser crop management efforts.
Technical Specifications
Machine Control system to be mounted on tractor consisting of: 1
1) 5 Light Sensor (Receiver) with Carry Case to be mounted on a mast directly above bucket. 1
2) 5 Light Auto Panel with keys and LED display for manual and automatic control of hydraulics of tractor. 1
3) Power cable for powering system form tractor power (12 V/ 24 V). 1
4) Cable connecting 5 light sensor to Auto Panel. 1
5) Cable connecting Auto panel to Valves of tractor for hydraulic control. 1
Laser transmitter mounted on tripod consisting of:
  1. A) Rugby 100 laser with carrying case. A rugged self levelling laser with automatic elevation alert, manual grade upto 10%, bright red beam and a working operating range (Diameter) 300 meter.
  1. B) Rugby 100 LR laser with carrying case. A rugged self levelling laser with automatic elevation alert, manual grade upto 10%, bright red beam and a working operating range (Diameter) 770 meter.
2) Rechargeable battery 1
3) Battery Charger 1
4) AC power cable for charger 1
5) Aluminum tripod 1
6) Rod eye mini sensor with bracket for mounting on levelling staff for ground survey 1
7) Leveling staff 1
Scraper Bucket is equipped with ruggedly constructed frame, twin double wheels 1
With tubed tyres of suitable size, fitted with laser mounting platform, Complete hydraulic system with cylinders, hoses, valves and laser hook up fitting for automatic operation of scraper.
1) Main Frame : 50x10 mm Angle, 125x65 mm channel Box with centre support of 125x65 mm channel. 1
2) Bucket Sheet : 10 mm. 1
3) Scraping Blade : 100x10 mm. 1
4) Drawbar : 75x40 mm channel box. 1
5) Hydraulic cylinder : 2 Ton (capacity) with solenoid valve and cables.
6) Height : 600 mm. 1
7) Width : 2 mtr. 1
8) Tyre Set : 65x8 mm box with tyre (with taper roller bearings). 1
* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Company owns the right to change model specifications and features.
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