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Trailed Offset Disc HarrowTrailed offset disc harrow When is comes to quality and reliability, Windsor's heavy duty disc harrows are preferred for land preparation and to break the clods, harrows are it self weight enough to break these clods effortlessly. These heavy duty offset disc harrows eliminates the weeds and bury them in overturned soil. Transporting such heavy equipment is pain for farmers but our team has designed these offset disc harrows in the way they can be compacted in minutes and could be transported easily on transport wheels. Heavy duty frame is coated with corrosion resistant and painted perfectly. As standard, we use boron steel discs for our harrows and lubricated taper roller bearing hubs. But for different land and soil conditions, harrows are also customized as per client's requirement and have option of high carbon steel discs of different sizes and types.

Benefits and features

  • Heavy duty construction makes box frame more strong and sturdy. Corrosion proof coating make it free form rust and let it last long.
  • Disc options available: boron steel and high carbon steel. Sizes may be chosen form 12" to 30" and thickness form 2mm to 10mm.
  • Front row loaded with scallop disc blades and second row with plain discs. All discs are made of fresh billet and have much longer life than ordinary disc made of used iron.
  • Harrow angle can be easily adjusted as per soil conditions and tractor capacity.
  • Advanced design of disc harrows supports easy transportation and can be mounted / separated easily.
  • Windsor manufactures disc harrows that are easy to maintain and work flawlessly in extreme conditions.

Technical Specifications: 14 X 14 (3 M) 16 X 16 (3.5 M) 18 X 18 (4M)
Hydraulic System Provided Provided Provided
Distance Between Discs 228 mm 228 mm 228 mm
Bearing Hub 8 12 12
Frame 101x101x7 mm box 101x101x7 mm box 101x101x7 mm box
Tyre Size 750-16 750-16 750-16
No.of Discs 28 32 36
No.of Discs 28 32 36
Type of Discs Notched Notched Notched
Mounting Cat-II Cat-II Cat-II
Disc Diameter 560/610/660 mm (Optional) 560/610/660 mm (Optional) 560/610/660 mm (Optional)
Approx. Weight 1700 Kgs. 1910 Kgs. 2020 Kgs.
Approx. Weight 1700 Kgs. 1910 Kgs. 2020 Kgs.

* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Company owns the right to change model specifications and features.

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