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Tyne ridger is mostly used for sugarcane plantation. Box frame construction with corrosion resistant paint make it more rigid and let it last long. Ridger's primary job is to cut the soil and turn over it in opposite directions that make ridges. Tyne ridger works like two opposite mould board ploughs attached that are sharing a single point. To strengthen this shared point, it is made of boron steel.

Benefits and features

  • Adjustable width between two ridges or furrows (point to point)
  • Span of ridge can be or furrows can be adjusted
  • Adjustable support wheels that helps to change depth
  • Sturdy frame make it long lasting and enable it to work in hard land conditions
  • Easy to mount on 3 point linkage
Technical Specifications
Overall Length (mm) 3650
Working Width (mm) 2700
Mast Height 23''
Weight (kg) (approx) With tyre:400 , Without tyre:300
Frame (mm) Heavy duty box frame 90 X 8
Type of type 616
Mounting CAT-II
Power Required (HP) 60
Tyne Ridger
* Above Stated data is for Reference Only. Company owns the right to change model specifications and features.
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