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Agricultural Equipments ManufacturerWINDSOR is one of the Government recognized Manufacturer and supplier of Agricultural Machines and their spare parts. Rotary Tiller Supplier from India Producing world class Agricultural Implements and farm machinery for Indian and Overseas markets, Windsor made products are well known for their quality in different regions, Farm Tractor Implements with RHINO brand are the most demanded products in African countries and heavy agriculture equipments with WINDSOR brand are having a large sale volume in European countries.

Spare Parts for Agriculture Equipments with verity of model and sizes are being made here in Windsor manufacturing plant located in Gurgaon and in north Indian state Punjab. These spares are geared to live, production process and quality control is supervised by team of experts and engineers, where a single mistake is not neglected. Company is dedicated to serve their client with making best efforts to make available quality products at competitive cost, for what a design and development department continues to work on new designs of Farm Equipments that can be delivered at lower price with negligible drop in efficiency. Also a range of Agricultural Implements that are light weight in comparison with conventional implements that can be used with less powered tractors is being developed. Manufacturer and Exporter engaged in of Agricultural Machines and their spare parts.

Rotary Tiller (Rotavator)

Tiller Cultivator
- Spring Loaded Tiller
- Rigid Tiller

Disc Harrow
- Offset Disc Harrow
- Trailed Offset Disc Harrow (Compact)
- Mounted Offset Disc Harrow
- Tandem Disc Harrow
- Paddy Harrow

Disc Plough

Mould Board Plough

Ridger / Furrowers
- Tyne Ridger
- Disc Ridger Single Row
- Disc Ridger Two Row

Land Levellers
- Heavy Duty Land Leveller
- Laser Land Leveller
- Terracer Blade

Sub Soiler

Post Hole Digger

- Grooming Mower
- Reciprocating Forage Mower

Rotary Slasher

Crop Planting Harvester

Potato Harvester

Spare parts

Windsor agricultural equipments Disc Blades Farm Equipments
Windsor agricultural equipments are designed to perform in differed soil conditions to prepare seed beds economically.

Our born steel and high carbon steel disc blades last much longer than ordinary disc blades. And works on hard soil more efficiently with long lasting edges.

Thick metal plates and bars are joint with argon welding and high tensile fasteners to make equipments more rigid and sturdy.

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